Monday, March 11, 2013

Hooters, Downtown Atlanta

Hooters on Urbanspoon

Hooters of Downtown Atlanta has it all: flats screens, nice wings, and beauty queens. Moreover, if you're a smoker, you can enjoy the luxury of your Malboro or Newports, without being told to "put it out". Hooters of Downtown Atlanta offers an ideal patio, where you can eat, drink, and smoke your cancer sticks comfortably.

As a bachelor, an NFL and on occasion, NBA sports writer for Rant Sports, Hooters has become a place of refuge for me. Where else can a man enjoy work and pleasure simultaneously?

Leaving Deltona, Florida and an unsuccessful relationship behind, I arrived in Atlanta on September 14, 2012. By November, I made Hooters of Downtown Atlanta my second home.

The host-sometimes a hostess-is always professional and accommodating. The bartenders and waitresses are always amorous and amiable. For me, the excessive "honey" endearment is somewhat annoying. Other than that, Hooters on Peachtree St. is heaven!

I've been privileged to enjoy football and basketball at the same time, on more than one screen. In addition, their Wednesday Wingsday platter is the right price on the perfect night: 10 boneless wings and fries for $6.99. Then there is the Legendary Margarita, which is $5 every day, anytime. The chocolate cake isn't bad, either. Most importantly, I've been blessed to know a nice and hard-working waitress.

Although I am a man that is easy to please, I have no complaints about the service; I frequent Hooters 2-3 times a week. I can watch a game, take notes, have a drink, enjoy some wings, and actually have a pleasant dialogue with a pretty woman that isn't nagging me-sounds like paradise to me!

If you live in Atlanta or if you plan on visiting Atlanta, enjoy the experience of Hooters of Downtown Atlanta. Sure, there are other sports establishments that offer its patrons beer and flat screens, but nothing compares to Hooters' flat screens, nice wings, and beauty queens.


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